Community Liaison Officer's Program

McMaster Security Services is pleased to introduce the Community Liaison Officer as our most recent initiative intended to improve our ties and relationships with the campus community. Recognizing that there are no shortcuts on the path to better community relations Security Services will partner volunteer Constables with student support organizations to foster a better mutual understanding of our overlapping goals and responsibilities.   

It is our hope that this program will provide campus based student support organizations with a "one stop" source for information, advice and assistance in an informal setting.  Allow the coordination of effort and campus resources to address concerns in a timely manner, and to ultimately improve our understanding of the community we service.   


In this initial phase the program will partner our Constables with the following student support organizations:

EFRT - The Emergency First Response Team is a group of highly trained student volunteers who respond to all medical emergencies on campus, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In an emergency, dial "88" from any campus phone to dispatch the team. The liaison officer for EFRT is Tyler Rogers.

SWHAT - You don’t ever have to walk home alone at night thanks to these volunteers who will escort you anywhere on campus and within a 30 minute radius off campus. All campus phones have a free direct line to SWHAT. The liaison officer for SWHAT is Erik Ingerman.

Queer Students Community Center - This MSU service acts as a safe space, contact point and resource centre for the McMaster and Hamilton GLBT community. General discussion and coming out groups are offered.  Also available are private counseling sessions, a resource library and anti-homophobia workshops. The liaison officer for QSCC is Ian James

Student Community Support Network - The SCSN is here to support students in the community. We can answer questions about a housing situation, the MSU, the City of Hamilton, or the community in general. We also offer the Community Resource Assistant program as a service for off-campus students. The liaison officer for SCSN is Ian Holley.