Constable in Residence


During the summer of 2010, Security Services and Residence Life have partnered to develop a new program for students who live in residence. The program is intended to build a stronger trust between security and residents as well as maintain and enhance a connection between residence students, staff and security. By doing this we feel that we will increase department accessibility in residence through visibility and approachability. This in turn will prevent incidents in residence from escalating to criminal incidents and provide first year students better tools to protect themselves and personal property for years to come.

Mission Statement

A partnership between university constables and the residence community intended to promote communication and safety in an environment of mutual respect and understanding

Program Goals

  • To maintain trust between Security Services, residence staff and students
  • To continue to create and maintain a connection with CA’s and RM’s.
  • To continue to create a personal (human) connection with students.
  • To educate staff and students on the role and responsibilities of Special Constables and Security Services on campus
  • To enhance the ability of Security Services to provide effective delivery of policing and safety services through visibility and approachability within the residence community and the sharing of information between the community and Security Services