Don't Be That Guy Campaign

"Don't Be That Guy," an internationally successful poster campaign, developed by Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton (SAVE) was launched in November 2010. The campaign focuses on the issue of drug-facilitated sexual assaults. Drug-facilitated sexual assault is a sexual assault perpetrated by an offender with a victim who is intoxicated by alcohol or drugs. In these    cases the victim is not capable of giving consent.

This awareness campaign promotes a paradigm shift in attitude. The intent of the posters is to generate conversation and to redirect the communities understanding of where the responsibility lies. The campaign targets potential offenders since they are the ones responsible for the assault and are therefore responsible for stopping it, as is the guy who stands back and does nothing. Many awareness campaigns target women by reminding them how they can 'prevent' being sexually assaulted. This approach can have the unintended effect of reinforcing self-blame because it places the responsibility for stopping sexual assault on the potential victims. "Don't Be That Guy" speaks to men and shows us where the true responsibility for stopping sexual assault lies: 100% with the offender.

On November 10th 2011, numerous Hamilton organizations partnered to launch the "Don't Be that Guy" poster campaign, city-wide in Hamilton. The campaign consists of three posters to be displayed in licensed establishments across Hamilton, including McMaster University and Mohawk College Campuses. Lapel pins promoting the "Don't Be That Guy" slogan are also available to be worn by bar employees or anyone wishing to support the campaign.

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