Sexual Assault Prevention

How do you ask for consent?

  • Asking for consent can be scary.
  • It can also be sexy!
  • Not asking for consent puts you at risk of hurting your parnter's feelings and perhaps doing something illegal. Here are some ideas of how to ask . . .

We should always treat people respectfully; we should respect their feelings, ideas and life goals. Asking for consent about personal and sexual boundaries is mandatory for not only establishing healthy relationships, but also for maintaining them.

Consent is a process that includes a verbal, physical, and emotional agreement. Asking and giving consent is an integral part of showing your partner that you are interested in understanding them on a deeper level-a way that values and respects their feelings.


Any form of sexual activity with another person without their consent is sexual assault.

Quick Reference Guide - Sexual Assaults and Sexual Harassment



  • Consent is an active agreement
  • Consent is not just about a 'yes' or 'no' answer
  • Consent should be consistently evaluated
  Reduce you risk  

The concept of consent is sexy:
It empowers, values, and most importantly, respects your partner. Stay sexy. Ask for consent.