Got Your Back

The Got Your Back campaign is based on social marketing principles and was developed by the City of Hamilton Public Health Services (PHS) in collaboration with McMaster University and Mohawk College. Primary and secondary research, including a literature review, focus groups and focus test groups, were completed to provide evidence-based recommendations and to help guide and inform campaign messages.

The 6 week Got Your Back campaign will run from September 9th at both McMaster University and Mohawk College (click here to download a calendar of events). Through the use of social media and campus information booths, Got Your Back encourages students to think about alcohol and how it affects their friends and social relationships. Campaign messages will be delivered through four characters that embody behaviours often associated with drinking. Each character will have their own bio that will include information on how students can help their friends who display these characteristics.

Each character will also have a special item that will be hidden in a secret location on campus. To participate in the campaign contest and for a chance to win one of the weekly prizes or the $300 grand prize gift card to a location of their choice, students will be required to track down the item associated with the character, take a picture of themselves with the item, and post the picture to the Got Your Back Facebook or Twitter.

  1. Puking Paula
  2. Loyal Leo
  3. Struggling Sammy
  4. Obnoxious Ollie

Through engagement with the Got Your Back Facebook and Twitter social media sites and participation at the weekly campaign booths, students will also learn about standard drink sizes, recommended weekly daily/ weekly limits, safer partying tips, signs of intoxication and alcohol poisoning, how to help a friend who has had too much to drink, community and campus supports, alternative activities, alcohol myths and information on technologies that can help students track their own or their friends' drinking.

To learn more about Got Your Back and how students can help their friends, visit:

GotYourBack2014 or @GotYourBack2014.

For further information about the campaign development, goals and objectives, contact