Got Your Back - Loyal Leo

Be a Friend. Be a Loyal Leo. Recognize when a friend is in trouble and know how to help.

Item: MVP Trophy

Who is Leo?

Leo is the life of the party and the type of friend everyone wants to have. He is hilarious and fun, and would do anything for a friend. Friends know they can count on Leo at any time of the day or night. He’s got your back when you get a bad mark on an exam, when you missed the last cut for the soccer team and when you’re having relationship problems.

Leo is up for doing anything on the weekend, as long as he’s hanging out with friends. When he goes out partying with friends, Leo is often the one looking out for and taking care of his friends who have had too much to drink. Although he doesn’t mind helping friends, he gets frustrated that his night is often cut short, or ends with him taking care of others.

Where will you find Leo?

Leo can be spotted all around town. Pubs, local sporting events, friend’s houses, restaurants, theaters, pool halls, bars, bowling alleys – you name it. Leo is happy to go anywhere as long as he’s with friends.

Do you have friends like Leo?

Friends like Leo:

  • Never leave a friend behind.
  • Are dependable.
  • Look out for others.
  • Take care of friends when they’ve had too much to drink.
  • Ensure friends get home safe even when he’s not out with them.

Friends want friends like Leo.

Friends that have friends like Leo:

  • Know someone is looking out for them.
  • Can count on him to let them know when they have had enough.
  • Don’t get left behind or with strangers.
  • Have someone to help keep them safe while they are drinking.
  • Know that he has their best intentions in mind.
  • Trust his judgment.

How can you be more like Leo?

  • Develop a buddy system. Don’t leave friends alone or with strangers.
  • Know your friends’ tolerance levels. Let them know when they’ve had enough.
  • Make sure friends get home safely if they have had too much to drink.
  • Know how to keep a friend safe. Know the Bacchus maneuver and how to position a friend who has had too much to drink.
  • Recognize when a friend is in trouble and call for help.

Click here How to help a friend for more information about the Bacchus maneuver and how you can help your friends!

Other tips for you and your friends.

  • Be informed. Know how many standard drinks are in your drinks.
  • Party together. Stay together. Leave together.
  • Develop a signal so friends know if you are uncomfortable in a situation.
  • Ensure someone in the group is a designated Loyal Leo when going out with friends.
  • Do not wander away from your friends.
  • Let friend’s know where you are going and who you are with if you plan to leave.
  • Do not leave friends who are passed out alone.

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