Got Your Back - Obnoxious Ollie

Be a Friend. Don’t let your friend be an Obnoxious Ollie. There’s a line. Friends don’t let friends cross it.

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Who is Leo?

Ollie characterizes himself as a social drinker. He drinks to take the edge off social situations and lower inhibitions. Drinking provides Ollie the liquid courage he seeks and makes him feel more confident. Ollie is a stand-up guy, until he’s had too much to drink. When Ollie’s drinking, he often does things he wouldn’t normally do and makes rude comments that others find offensive and embarrassing. Ollie likes the attention he receives, but doesn’t realize that most of it is negative. If Ollie happens to remember some of his behaviour from the night before, he might feel regretful in the morning, but most of the time Ollie is unaware of his behaviour and his effect on others.

Where will you find Ollie?

Ollie is at all the house parties and low key pubs. You’ll find him where there is a flow of people, hanging out at the keg or sitting by the bar.

Do you have friends like Ollie?

Friends like Ollie:

  • Drink way past their limit.
  • Don’t have a social filter.
  • Say rude things to get attention.
  • Try to get a reaction out of everyone.
  • Use others as the butt of all jokes.
  • Make others feel uncomfortable.
  • Start arguments with others.
  • Are unable to pick up dates at the bar.

Friends don't want friends like Ollie.

Friends that have friends like Ollie:

  • Don’t always want to be associated with him.
  • Look for an excuse not to hang out with him.
  • Often have to tell him to relax.
  • Wouldn’t want to take him out with new friends.
  • Are embarrassed by his comments.
  • Don’t want him to date their sisters.
  • Wouldn’t introduce him to their parents.
  • Would never use him as a wingman.

How can you help your friends be less like Ollie?

  • Speak up. Let them know when they’ve crossed the line.
  • Know their limit. Let your friend know when they’ve had too much.
  • Let them know how others perceive them when they’ve had too much.
  • Order rounds of water for everyone.
  • Don’t order multiple drinks at one time.
  • Encourage activities that don’t revolve solely around drinking.
  • Get out on the dance floor instead of standing by the bar.

Click here How to help a friend for more information about how you can help your friends and know their limits!

Other tips for you and your friends:

  • Be informed. Know how many standard drinks are in your drinks.
  • Plan in advance not to exceed a set number of drinks.
  • Keep track of the amount you drink.
  • Plan in advance to let each other know when you’ve had too much.
  • Stick to your plan and stop drinking if a friend tells you you’ve had enough.
  • Take a limited amount of money with you if you go out to have a drink.
  • Order food with your drinks.
  • Avoid mixing alcohol with prescribed or illicit drugs.