Got Your Back - Puking Paula

Be a Friend. Don’t let your friend be a Puking Paula. Know their limit. Let them know when they’ve had too much.

Item: Toilet

Who is Paula?

Everyone knows Paula, or someone like Paula. Paula likes to go out partying and often can’t even count the number of drinks she’s had in one night. Paula thinks her drinking is harmless – she’s just having fun right? But what starts out as a fun night for Paula often ends with her head in the toilet. However, the idea of being sick doesn’t stop Paula from having a few extra shots at the bar. Paula views a hangover as the evidence for having a good night - it must have been fun if she can’t remember it. Like your typical student, Paula is on a tight budget. She prefers to pre-drink before going out to the bar to save money on drinks.

Where will you find Paula?

You can find Paula at the most popular local bars and the on-campus pub. Before heading out for the night, Paula often pre-drinks in residence or at a friend’s house.

Do you have friends like Paula?

Friends like Paula:

  • Don’t know their limit and drink excessively.
  • Do things they wouldn’t normally do when they are sober.
  • View drinking excessively as the only way to have fun.
  • Strive to be the last one standing in a drinking game.
  • Pass out in the cab ride home.
  • Throw up at the bar.
  • Don’t remember conversations from the night before.

Friends don’t want friends like Paula.

Friends that have friends like Paula:

  • Often have to hold Paula’s hair while she’s throwing up.
  • Don’t count on her to look out for them.
  • Have been thrown up on at least once.
  • End their night early because Paula needs to go home.
  • Can’t always get into the bars.
  • Wait until after noon the next day to get a hold of her.
  • Have to remind Paula of what she did the night before.

How can you help your friends be less like Paula?

Don’t want your friends to be like Paula? You can help!

  • Know their limit. Let your friend know when they’ve had too much.
  • Speak up. Let them know how others perceive them when they’ve had too much.
  • Order rounds of water for everyone.
  • Don’t order multiple drinks at one time.
  • Encourage activities that don’t revolve solely around drinking.
  • Get out on the dance floor instead of standing by the bar.
Click here How to help a friend for more information about how you can help your friends and know their limits!

Other tips for you and your friends:

  • Be informed. Know how many standard drinks are in your drinks.
  • Plan in advance not to exceed a set number of drinks.
  • Keep track of the amount you drink.
  • Plan in advance to let each other know when you’ve had too much.
  • Stick to your plan and stop drinking if a friend tells you you’ve had enough.
  • Take a limited amount of money with you if you go out to have a drink.
  • Order food with your drinks.
  • Avoid mixing alcohol with prescribed or illicit drugs.