Got Your Back - Struggling Sammy

Be a Friend. Don’t let your friend be a Struggling Sammy. Let your friends know there are other ways to deal with stress.

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Who is Sammy?

Sammy wants to get into med school. She’s always wanted to help people and be a good doctor. This school year has been particularly challenging. Classes are hard and Mr. Martin’s physics exams are impossible. On top of that, Sammy’s boyfriend has just broken up with her. While Sammy has always enjoyed the occasional drink, lately she’s been drinking more than normal as a way to forget about her problems and deal with stress. While she’s drinking, Sammy is on top of the world and her problems are the last of her thoughts. But the next morning, Sammy is back to where she started and is even more stressed out because she’s wasted a whole morning recovering and more than $50 at the bar.

Where will you find Sammy?

Sammy can be found in the library, playing ultimate Frisbee or at the campus pub.

Do you have friends like Sammy?

Friends like Sammy:

  • Drink more around exam time or after a big project.
  • Don’t cope well with stress.
  • Feel a lot of pressure to succeed.
  • Don’t stop drinking after they’ve had enough.
  • View alcohol as the most effective way to relax and cope with stress.

How can you help your friends be less like Sammy?

Don’t want your friends to be like Sammy? You can help!

  • Make plans with your friend to hit the early gym Sunday morning.
  • Provide different ideas on how to spend Friday nights.
  • Be a good listener. Allow your friend to blow off stress to you.
  • Recognize if a friend needs a helping hand or someone to talk to and reach out to them.
  • Suggest different ways to cope with stress.
  • Be aware of and suggest on-campus and off-campus support services.
  • Know what a standard drink is. Drink within recommended limits yourself.
  • Invite friends over for a movie night instead of planning social events that revolve around drinking.