President's Award

2007President's Award

Sgt. David Jenkins was nominated for a Presidents Award in Outstanding Service in the spring of 2008.

Here is an excerpt from Dave's nomination:

"Dave Jenkins has served as both a Constable and a Duty Sergeant with the Security division. He has achieved his certificate in Police Studies and leadership at Dalhousie University, and has received a partnership award from the Hamilton Police Services Board.

The Constables at McMaster have been identified as excellent models for other universities. Dave has been involved in developing many strategic plans to increase and improve the training and accountability of the security services division on campus.

Dave consistently strives to support the best service to the campus community. He has actively supported technology to increase the effectiveness of the security on campus. In addition to his professional execution of daily responsibilities, Dave is one of Canada's most active participants on educational/networking websites and

Dave demonstrates great skill in his dealings with people; whether he is dealing with the victim of a crime, speaking to a student who made a poor choice, or dealing with a criminal. He also instills this value to those
working for and with him on a daily basis. His tireless efforts to make McMaster a safer place has helped solidify McMaster’s reputation for campus safety."


Sgt. Cathy O'Donnell was nominated for a Presidents Award in Outstanding Service in the spring of 2006. This nomination was prepared by a group of students who wish to acknowlege Cathy's work with them in 2005.

Here is an excerpt of what the students had to say:

"Cathy is the Sergeant of Crime Prevention and Campus Community Relations.  One of the programs Cathy is given high marks for, is her work on the “Can I Kiss You” program.  This is a fun, educational program designed to ensure that all students take a proactive role in their safety and helps to ensure that all students feel welcome and safe at McMaster.

Cathy's efforts in enhancing student community relations have helped educate the students not only about the security services available to them, but to let students know that the Security Services team is here to help.  Her work on the Welcome Week planning committee has enhanced the program significantly and, by extension, the reputation of the University.

Students say that Cathy has “an incredible rapport with all student groups across campus…”. The student groups she works with feel that they are respected and her warm personality allows strong working relationships "