President's Working At McMaster Award

McMaster Security Staff were the recipients of the 2002 President's Working At McMaster Awards for Outstanding Service. The awards recognize staff who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their service to McMaster.

McMaster Security Services team is responsible for the personal safety and protection of the campus community. During the past year alone, their work led to the arrest of three individuals who all had lengthy criminal records and were responsible for 50 cases on theft on campus and over 150 cases off campus.

The professionalism, diligence, excellence and commitment shown by the entire department from Director, to the front line staff is superior and second to none. These individuals enhances the academic, working and living environment at McMaster.

The team members at the time of recognition were:President's Working At McMaster Award

      • Bill Armstrong
      • Lynn Armstrong
      • Mike Ashley
      • Kathy Baughan
      • Tama Beardwood
      • Arlene Bremer
      • Jason Browning
      • Cheryl Button
      • Fred Button
      • Chris Clement
      • Bryan Drury
      • Diane Ernjakovic
      • Tonya Hansford
      • Lindsay Holland
      • Dave Jenkins
      • Ed Kennedy
      • Shelley Mayhew
      • Kelly McKee
      • Anna Myers
      • Dave Noble
      • Dave North
      • Bob Nunn
      • Cathy O'Donnell
      • Diana Parker
      • Lori Richard
      • Sharon Rumpel
      • Walter Scott
      • Cam Smith
      • Harold Stewart
      • Bill Watts

This award was awarded in May of 2003.