Communication Centre

We are proud to unveil our new Communications Centre in the E.T. Clarke Building.

Our new Centre integrates a number of new technologies, including a large new video display screen and integrated security system management software.

The Communications Centre is home to dispatch staff, who answer calls to security and monitor campus alarms.

Terry Sullivan, Director of Security Services, talks about the new communications centre below.


McMaster's President Patrick Deane shares his reflections on the new Centre

Highlights of our New Centre:


  • The communication centre was redesigned to face north to allow for natural light into the room; dimmable LED lights were installed in the ceiling to suit every operator’s preference.

Maximum Flexibility

  • Aside from the adjustable LED lighting, the customizable desk can be raised or lowered by the push of a button to permit sitting or standing operation; the operator can choose what is displayed on the video wall based on the needs of the day.

Adjustable Desk

Noise Reduction

  • Equipped with a self-contained cooling unit a new technolody closet was created to store various computer systems and technologies. This insulated room also provides a sound barrier for the operators from noisy equipment.

We also created a time lapse video of the construction, which took place between Sept 8, 2012 and January 6, 2013.

Check out what the centre looked like before
the renovations began…