Campus Emergencies

McMaster University Security Services makes personal safety on campus its highest priority. We will continue to work with the community to develop best practices on how to prevent and respond to any crisis situation. We encourage all community members to become involved in keeping our campus as safe as possible. McMaster Security Services works closely with other community partners to make McMaster a safe place to work, live and learn. If you ever feel threatened or uncomfortable, or witness suspicious or unusual behaviour, contact us right away.

In an effort to provide the best safety and security possible, we are currently developing a comprehensive emergency response plan and increasing our training and resources. Community Members are encouraged to become familiar with our emergency plans so they are able to assist us in an emergency. Refer to our Emergency Guide Book for more information.

Security Services are confident that they are prepared to work with their community partners to professionally resolve any situation efficiently and effectively.


Emergency Guidebook


Red Assistance Phones

Push the button on Red Assistance phones for security assistance

Locations of Red Assistance Phones

When on campus dial '88' from any university phone or call 905-522-4135

Refer to our Emergency Guide Book for other phone numbers


Emergency Notification Systems

McMaster offers the following methods of notification of campus emergencies

Ways of Notification:

Emergency Siren Alert System

When you hear the Lockdown siren:

–Anyone in immediate danger should attempt to flee

–Anyone in a safe location follows “active threat” procedure and locks or attempts to barricade doors

-The sirens are only audible outdoors. This is why we use overlapping methods of communicating a lock down emergency. See Ways of Notification to the left for alternate methods of receiving notifications.