Smartphone App Emergency Notification

Smartphone App Emergency Notification is now available to the campus community.

Security Services is using the Alertus Mobile App to communicate campus notifications.

The Alertus Mobile App provides push notifications for emergency alerts for your cell phone or mobile device to advise the McMaster community during significant emergencies on campus.

NOTE: There is also an Alertus Desktop App which can be installed on your desktop or laptop computer.

The Alertus Mobile App can be downloaded for free, from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Note: Users wishing to install the App on a Blackberry device can refer to these instructions to install the Google Play Store on the device. Please be advised McMaster nor Alertus are responsible for any issues that this may cause with your device.

  • When prompted, enter "mcmaster" as the "Organization code" and submit

  • Follow the in-app instructions for proper notification settings on your device. (Ensure that notifications are set to deliver to your lock screen, appear as an alert when your device is unlocked and that the notification sound for the app is turned on).

    On Android devices this may be under System Setttings -> Apps & Notifications. Ensure the notification permissions for the Alertus app are set to 'Show all notification content' or 'Hide sensitive notification content' so that alerts will appear on the lock screen. Please note that each device may be slightly different, please refer to your device manufacturer's instructions.

  • Successful installation will be indicated with a message that says: Your device is set up and will receive alerts sent by: McMaster University on the main app screen.

In the event of an emergency on campus, the Security Office or delegated University Manager will be able to send a message

For more information on the Alertus app, e-mail us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a data plan to receive alerts?
A data plan or WiFi internet connection is required to receive alerts. If you are on campus you can utilize McMaster WiFi in most common areas and bulidings, see UTS for instructions on how to connect your device.

Do I need to complete the 'Profile' tab in the Alertus Mobile App?
The Alertus Mobile App contains a 'Profile' tab which has a place to enter your name, phone number and birthday. These are not required and any information entered here will not be shared with McMaster University or McMaster Security Services. We do not recommend completing the profile.

Why does the Alertus app prompt me to allow location data?
McMaster is not utilizing the location data information provided by the Alertus mobile app so we recommend you deny this request.

I am no longer attending McMaster how do I stop receiving alerts?
Simply uninstall the app based on your device manufacturer's instructions or go into the Settings and select 'Unregister'

I don't have a Smartphone, are there other ways can I receive emergency alerts, such as text messaging?
McMaster employs several other methods to notify the community of an emergency situation, please click here for a complete list. While text messaging (or SMS) was previously used to send out alerts, the effectiveness of text messaging is limited by the capacity of mobile service providers to deliver these messages. Delivery of text messages relies upon 'short codes'. The CWTA (Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association) which represents all the mobile service providers in Canada and administers the use of short codes, has indicated that one or more providers are unwilling to allow short codes to be used for emergency notifications. For more information on short codes please visit:

Questions or Comments?
If you have any questions about the Alertus Mobile App, please send a message to or call McMaster University Security Services at x24281