McMaster Security Services championed the re-engineering of the University’s 2-way radio system.  Previously the university had more that 13 independent 2-way radio systems that were department centered with many on the verge of failing and neither were able to communicate with each other.

The Security Services were able to convince the university stakeholders after several stake-holder meetings to purchase a Motorola Digital system with over 152 portable radios working through a 5 channel trunked base system.  The radio system is centrally managed by the security department and our Motorola partners who ensure the quality, reliability, and the full functioning of the system.

In an emergency all portable radios can turn to a common priority channel to share information and receive updates.  In addition the emergency button on all radios has improved the safety of our many workers who are now able to summon help by pressing the orange button which instantly contacts our University‘s 24 hour security dispatcher.

Our next enhancement in the radio system will be the possible use of the GPS feature which will assist in locating employees in distress.

If you would like more information on our campus radio system contact Rob Weir. For Repairs please complete this repair form and deliver radio and form to security services for all repairs and service.