Violence Risk Assessment - Persons of Concern

If there is a person on campus who is causing you concern – for example: their behaviour is a concern, they are a person who you believe could be a threat to the university or campus community, or they are a person who you feel needs assistance or support, we have services to assist in these situations.

For more information, please refer to the McMaster Workplace Violence Program and Guidelines

Violence Risk Assessment Team

McMaster University has created the Violence Risk Assessment Team, which is a sub-committee of the Crisis Management Group (CMG).   This team takes a multi-disciplinary approach to assessment, investigation, and response to reports of behaviour that is of potential concern or threat to the University community.  The team is made up a diverse population of the campus including representation from Human Resources, Health and Safety, Academics, Dean of Students and Student Affairs.

In cases where support is required… please contact the appropriate department. All of these areas rely on the support of The Violence Risk Assessment Team and can activate this team as required:

    • For matters involving Employees: Human Resources Services (Ext. 24554)
    • For matters involving Students: Student Affairs (Ext. 27455)

In cases where immediate response is required… please contact McMaster Security Services


Examples of areas of Concern:

    • Direct or Indirect Reference to Suicide:
      Regardless of the circumstances or context, references to committing suicide should be taken very seriously and a mental health professional should be consulted
    • Threats and Disruptive Behaviour:
      Intervention varies with the severity of the behaviour. Physical violence causing bodily harm and specific threats must be reported immediately to McMaster Security Services
    •  Drug and Alcohol Misuse:
      If a student appears to have a pattern of substance abuse, it is important to refer the student to counseling; however, it is also important to speak to the student when he or she is sober. In case of an apparent drug overdose or severe drug reaction, call McMaster Security Services