Rape Drugs

Recreational drugs are sometimes used as predatory drugs to rob or assault someone. You can find information about these predatory drugs on this webpage.

What are Rape Drugs?

Rape drugs (also known as predatory drugs) are used by predators in order to render a person sedate and helpless, usually for the purpose of sexual assault. They most common include Rohypnol (aka ‘Roofies’), Ketamine (aka ‘Special K’), and GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate; aka ‘Liquid-G’).

How quickly do these drugs act?

Effects Last
in about 20-30 minutes up to 10 hours with severe memory impairment
immediately usually 1 hour, but can last up to 5 hours
in 15-20 minutes up to 3 hours


What exactly are Rohypnol, Ketamine and GHB?

  • Is chemically related to the sedative Valium, however it is 10 times stronger
  • Is usually manufactured in pill form, which can be crushed and slipped into drinks
  • Is colourless, tasteless, and odourless when dissolved
  • Can produce unconsciousness and amnesia for long periods of time
  • Was first developed as an anesthetic for humans but is now commonly used by veterinarians
  • Usually comes in the form of a liquid, but can be cooked into a powder
  • At low doses, increases heart rate and may cause hallucinations;
  • At high doses, unconsciousness and depressed respiration may occur
  • Was initially used as an anesthetic for
    humans in the 60s
  • Usually comes in liquid form
  • Is colourless, odourless, and salty when dissolved in liquids
  • Stimulates growth hormone release

**These drugs are ILLEGAL in Canada and the U.S. and can cause DEATH when mixed with alcohol.**


How can I recognize if someone has been druged?

There are several signs and symptoms that you should look out for when determining if someone has been drugged. The effects are very similar to heavy intoxication, but are apparent with little or no alcohol consumption:

  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • disorientation
  • nausea
  • confusion
  • vomiting
  • memory loss


What should I do if I suspect I or someone else has been druged?

If you or a friend have any of the symptoms of being drugged after drinking little or no alcohol:
  • Tell a trusted person immediately
  • Get to a safe place
  • Seek medical attention as soon as possible
  • Call the police
  • If you or a friend believe you have been sexually assaulted while drugged, do not shower or change clothes until medical and forensic evidence has been collected by police and the hospital.


Trust your instincts!
If you feel uncomfortable LEAVE with a friend.