Cycle Safe


The Student Community Support Network in partnership with Sustainability Office and McMaster Security Services have partnered to develop a Cycle Safe program designed to educate and promote cycling in a safe manner, both on and off the campus.


Outline of the Program

The goal of this project is to raise awareness of common bicycle safety measures as well as to reward cyclists that demonstrate these behaviours. The goals that we will focus on are stopping at stop signs, wearing a helmet, riding on the road, using lights at night and removing earbuds when crossing at intersections.

SCSN employs six Community Assistants (CAs), upper year students that act as off-campus mentors. CAs will be stationed around the campus areas to promote safe cycling.

CAs will be given safety vests and stop signs to ensure that they are easily seen by cyclists. CAs will hand out our CycleSafe giveaway attached to a promotional material.


Each month a winner will be selected and given our monthly prize pack. At the end of the program a grand prize winner will be drawn from the monthly winners. This gives cyclists an incentive to re-visit our website each month. To enter click here.


Cycle Safety Tips

Click here to learn more about cycling safety and laws.