Lost and Found

Security’s Lost and Found is the central lost and found location for the entire campus. We tag all items and enter them into our database. These items are stored in a secure location for 30 days. If your name, student number, or telephone number is anywhere on the item, we will do our best to get in touch with you by phone or email.

If we do not have your item when you first check with us, please wait a few days and check back with us again. Items often come to our office through the university’s inter-department mail which takes time to be sorted and delivered.

Lost and Found Contact Information

Email: seclost@mcmaster.ca

Lost Something?

    • Retrace your steps: Visit classes/rooms that you have been in
    • Talk to professors/TA’s/staff who may have seen the item
    • File a LOST REPORT
    • Cancel your cards

    • The owner of found property will be contacted to attend the Lost and Found Office by Appointment Only to retrieve the found item(s). Walk in services are not available.

Found Something?

    • Bring the item to a Lost and Found dropbox
      • Student Centre (next to Compass)
      • E.T. Clarke Centre
      • Lobby of MDCL
      • Joan Buddle Service desk in DBAC
    • Please take the time to fill out the property tag and secure it to the item before putting it inside the dropbox.
    • If the item is large please bring it directly to the E.T. Clarke centre - Security
Please Note:

If you have found something please turn it over to Security as promptly as possible. Please do not attempt to contact the owner yourself. This often results in confusion for all parties involved. We have the resources to contact students and staff but if you believe you may know who it belongs to that information would be greatly appreciated.

Tips for helping us help you!

    • Write your name and student number on your books, notebooks, binders, everything that you can. It helps us contact you.
    • Check your McMaster email frequently, this is the email that we have on record for you.
    • Respond to emails sent to you by us promptly so that we can arrange a pick up. If you cannot pick up your item within the allotted time we can make alternate accommodations for you.
    • Make sure that all contact information provided to the University is up to date
    • Add contact information to the lock screen of your blackberry or iphone
    • Have important items like laptops, phones, ipods, bikes, etc engraved with a number known to you.
    • When filling out the Lost Form: make sure you include as much detail as you can remember

Locker Clean Out:

Campus Store staff conduct the locker clean out process on campus. McMaster Lost and Found is no longer associated with locker cleanout.